Collindale Golf Course: Championship fun in Fort Collins

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From our perch on the deck of the restaurant, we counted the number of times the man in the blue shirt passed in a golf cart. They passed so often, we had to find out why he kept driving by us, and why that older gentlemen followed him in his own cart like a golden retriever. It was a lovely morning in Fort Collins, Colorado and we were having breakfast before our round at Collindale Golf Club.Continue reading the storyCollindale Golf Course: Championship fun in Fort Collins


Tahquitz Golf Resort – front nine

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During our trip to Palm Springs in May, M and I played both Tahquitz courses, the Legends and the Resort course. I put together a video of the front nine on the Resort course, using the photos that I took while we played. This course is pretty fun. For the high handicapper, it’s challenging though not discouraging. For the low handicapper, strategic placement of the ball can avoid the desert areas and the water thatContinue reading the storyTahquitz Golf Resort – front nine


The ins and outs of equitable stroke control

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It’s Spring in the Rocky Mountain West and golf leagues have officially started. At the kickoff meeting for our golf league, the big question for the pros that run the league and course was all about equitable stroke control or ESC. I don’t remember ever hearing about this in my years of holding a handicap and it’s how our league scores for the Colorado Golf Association handicap. [adsenseyu3] Here’s how it works. In league play, weContinue reading the storyThe ins and outs of equitable stroke control


Denver Golf Expo – 2014

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It’s time again for the The Denver Golf Expo today and tomorrow at the Denver Mart. A friend and I arranged to meet and car pool to the event, arriving a few minutes before the doors opened. We registered for the drawings and signed up for our free copies of Golf Digest, then headed into the venue. The first stop was the CWGA booth. The Colorado Women’s Golf Association is working to add value toContinue reading the storyDenver Golf Expo – 2014


Growing the game

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During the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last week, Mark King, the CEO of TaylorMade introduced their idea for speeding up play. The 14-inch cup more than triples the target on the green from the current 4.25 inch cup, and speeds up play on the green. This idea is not a new one. Jack Nicholas talks about increasing the size of the cup in the green to an 8 inch diameter for amateurs and high-handicappers.Continue reading the storyGrowing the game


Warm weather golf trips to Nevada and Arizona

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El Tigre Driving Range

It’s the beginning of January, and the snow is falling consistently, and has  been for several hours. Yesterday was 60 degrees, but my request to play was declined due to snow on the greens. So sad. [adsenseyu3] Time to dream of getting out of this winter wonderland and enjoying some sunshine. For those close to Nevada or Arizona, there is hope. Remarkable Travel has packages to Laughlin, Nevada. Four players spend three nights at theContinue reading the storyWarm weather golf trips to Nevada and Arizona


Las Vegas golf specials after the holidays

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It’s been quite a few months for us here. With golf season pretty much over in the Rocky Mountain West, I spent some time traveling and working at my day job. I spent 2 1/2 weeks in Spain, visiting La Alberca, Madrid, Sevilla, Cadiz, and Barcelona. Unfortunately, it was too cold to golf in any of those places, except Cadiz. But, no golf in Spain this time around. [adsenseyu3] M and I did play onContinue reading the storyLas Vegas golf specials after the holidays