What is “Greens in Regulation?”

I was looking through the statistics on lpga.com and noticed that one of the most popular statistics being kept for the ladies playing at the Navistar tournament this weekend was “Greens in Regulation” or GIR. I thought I’d look up this statistic and see exactly what it was.

A green is considered hit “in regulation” if any part of the ball touches the putting surface and the number of strokes taken is 2 less than par. For example, on a par 3, the green is hit “in regulation” if the ball touches the putting surface after one shot. On a par 4, the ball needs to be on the green after 2 shots. Check here for the definition on Wikipedia.

For this season, Yani Tseng has the best percentage on the LPGA for GIR at .751. Paula Creamer is very close, at .748 and Suzann Petersen is at .742.

I never thought to keep track of this statistic when I play, although I often track number of putts. Which statistics do you keep track of when you play?